Frequently Asked Questions

How can my business be listed?

It’s easy: all you have to do is have a local small business within the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) that has an online presence. The basic listing is free, with pricing plans available for further promotion on the Halifax Online network. See our join page for details.

What type of businesses can be listed?

We currently list businesses in four categories:

  1. Restaurants, be they take-out or delivery;
  2. Retail & Services such as cleaning services, parcel delivery, suppliers, or clothing;
  3. Breweries & Distillers and related controlled products;
  4. Bakeries & Groceries for baked goods, cafés, and marketplaces.

All businesses listed must be owned and operated in Nova Scotia. Small provincial chains up to around a half-dozen locations are permitted.

What if I don't have an online presence?

Halifax Online makes e-commerce sites at an affordable price for HRM businesses who are transferring to online retail during the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit our Get Online page for more.

What if my business has to shut due to Covid-19?

If your listed business has to close or has unanticipated disruption due to Covid-19, contact us and we will disable your listing until you have re-opened and have met applicable public health standards. We reserve the right to proactively disable a listing if we learn about a closure via media reports.

I'm a local business with an online commerce site. Why was my site refused?

At Halifax Online we have a ethics policy where we do not provide our audience to businesses with prejudiced practices, such as using sexist marketing or discriminatory hiring practices.

Change Pricing Plan

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