We build e-commerce websites for a low, up-front fee and some basic monthly maintenance. We’re different from Shopify and others because we’re local, we use the best software, and we’re around the corner and ready to help.
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Listing Upgrades

We group non-competing and complimentary businesses together and group-buy advertising to reduce the cost for each business without reducing the effectiveness.


Any local, small business can join Halifax Online and add their own listing by clicking Join and choosing a plan. Our Forever Free plan provides everything you need. Our Epic Upgrades ensure you get even more from the network.

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Online Food Ordering

We build you an affordable custom website and charge you for it. Fear not, there’s no huge investment, we work with you to make sure our system doesn’t break the bank.

Our online ordering system charges no per-order fees. Signing up is as easy as starting the conversation, simply click Sell Online and fill in our contact form.

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